Current Members

Jodie Allen

Shirlene Badger

Ben Belek is a PhD student in social anthropology, interested in medical anthropology, digital anthropology, and the anthropology of emotions. He is particularly interested in the social and cultural aspects of autism and his current research focuses on the emotional experiences of autistic adults.

Erica Borgstrom is an anthropologist interested in end-of-life care, choice, advance care planning, and relationality. In June 2015, Erica will start her Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness Mildred Blaxter fellowship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. You can follow Erica on Twitter @ericaborgstrom.

Gemma Clarke is a Research Associate with a background in sociology and criminology, working on feeding issues and decision-making capacity at the end of life.

Simon Cohn is a medical anthropologist who was appointed by the Primary Care Unit to strengthen applied research initiatives that draw on social theories and mixed methods.

Duncan Edwards is a GP partner in Thetford, and NIHR doctoral research fellow.  His research focuses on cardiovascular disease and preventing strokes.

Cornelia Guell is a medical anthropologist with an interest in developing an ethnographic social science perspective on how chronic illness and its primary and secondary prevention – in practice and policy – shape everyday social lives in a variety of settings and contexts. She is a career development fellow at the UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR).

Sarah Hoare has a background in sociology and is currently exploring end of life hospital admissions.

Daniel Holman is a sociologist who is mainly interested in health inequalities, especially in relation to social class.  One focus of this work has been on the relationship between class and the use of talking treatments for mental health problems.

Claire Kelly is a PhD student in the CIDDRG with a background in social psychology. Her PhD explores the quality of hospital care and treatment provided to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Rebecca Lynch is an anthropologist with an interest in the social and cultural aspects of health and illness. Her work has looked at cosmological understandings of illness and the body and how these are embodied, as well as views of the body and the person in public health. She also has an interest in the use and development of social science and qualitative methods in researching health and illness.


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