SAHN Writing Group


Postdoctoral Suite, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge & Post-Doc Center, Biomedical Campus, Cambridge

Who we are: The SAHN Writing Group is a practical and informal, peer-led group providing writing and publication support to early career researchers writing about health and medicine.

Why join the SAHN Writing Group? Social scientists are often employed to work on multi-disciplinary teams in the field of health and medicine. Frequently being the only social scientist on the team means we are often alone in producing initial drafts of papers, sometimes with little previous experience of doing so, and without experienced others to pass on advice. The written outputs from social scientists can differ significantly to the outputs of other members of the team as we write for social science, or more mixed audiences. Writing the longer papers more typical of social science disciplines, and which are needed for our career development, can involve different skills, techniques and problems to the shorter and differently structured articles written by many of our colleagues in health and medicine.

With this in mind, SAHN runs 1-day and 3-day sessions each month, funded by the Graduate School of Life Sciences, to provide space and time to develop publications for social science audiences on health and medicine. The events take place at the Postdoctoral Suite, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge and the Post-Doc Center at the Biomedical Campus (directions and map available here: ). The events consist of structured writing time with regular breaks to discuss progress, suggestions for writing exercises to help structure, focus and develop a paper, as well as advice on techniques to facilitate longer pieces of writing. These sessions are also helpful for other kinds of writing you may be working on including blog posts, dissertations, funding applications and reports.

We are also collating a collection of writings (academic and non-academic), that people draw inspiration from or view as good examples of writing; and signpost current and future publication opportunities for those writing on health and medicine. If you would like to add to these collections, please email Sally ( with a link and a short summary and we will share this information through the SAHN website and at SAHN Writing Group sessions.

Lunch is provided for the writing group, and registration is free, but places are limited. Please let Sally ( know if you wish to attend by so that we can arrange lunch for you. We look forward to you joining us!

Best wishes,

Sally Atkinson, Mwenza Blell and Helen Street

Upcoming dates 2017:

  • Friday April 7th, 9am-5pm – Post-Doc Center @ Biomedical Campus
  • Wednesday April 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th, 9am-5pm – Post-Doc Center @16 Mill Lane
  • Friday May 12th, 9am-5pm – Post-Doc Center @ Biomedical Campus
  • Wednesday May 24th, Thursday 25th, Friday 26th, 9am-5pm – Post Doc Center @16 Mill Lane
  • Friday June 9th, 9am-5pm – Post-Doc Center @ Biomedical Campus
  • Wednesday June 28th, Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, 9am-5pm – Post Doc Centre @16 Mill Lane
  • Friday July 14th, 9am-5pm – Post-Doc Center @ Biomedical Campus
  • Wednesday July 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th, 9am-5pm – Post Doc Centre @16 Mill Lane


To register for a session please contact Sally Atkinson ( )

Locations: Postdoc Centre (PdOC), 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge and the Post-Doc Centre @ Biomedical Campus –


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